Sometimes all it takes to convert a prospect into a customer is a striking, memorable impression. Whether you’re advertising an event, promoting a product, or just want to increase brand awareness, PMD’s street-visible WindowPoster™ Displays are a cost-effective solution of getting your message seen by your target audience. A brilliant or clever ad, strategically placed in a key location, is the best way to create brand awareness. PMD’s WindowPoster™ Displays create impressions that drive action.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Use a WindowPoster™:

1. Limitless Promotion

As a cost-effective and impactful ad, you can use your window displays to provide information on your special offers, seasonal events, new location openings, and product launches. You can focus your ad campaign inside neighborhoods within a single city or blanket entire markets all over the country. A storefront ad provides the perfect marketing channel to reach your customers.

2. Stand Out and BE SEEN.

If you’re in a competitive market, window displays offer noticeable designs with attractive content and imagery. This helps your business stand apart from its competitors. Unlike billboards and other expensive out-of-home options, WindowPoster™ Displays offer you the ability to target areas and customers otherwise ignored by mainstream advertisers. Because the PMD network consists of independent venues, our WindowPoster™ Displays reach people on their daily routes – allowing you to reach your target audience and maximize your ad spend.

3. Expanded Brand Awareness

One of the most fundamental features of branding involves recognition. This means that businesses should explore different ways of reaching out to customers to create meaningful and action-oriented ads. Window graphics help businesses achieve that. By adding logos, slogans, website and contact details, and striking content, you can create a permanent impression and build a brand name for your business.See how we’ve helped all types of businesses expand their reach and build brand awareness.

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