Chase Bank Advances Local Initiative Through WNDW

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Endorsed by Small Business on Main St, USA 

In the vibrant Home Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia, Lucas strolls leisurely on a beautiful Spring morning, in no hurry to reach his destination. As he approaches the quaint local bookstore, Harper’s Haven, his attention is drawn to a vinyl display on the front door – an advertisement for Chase Bank.

The juxtaposition is striking: Chase, a global corporate giant, being seen in the windows of Harper’s Haven, a beloved local establishment. Yet, there’s the irony: Chase relies heavily on small businesses, constituting a significant portion of its customer base, with over 5 million businesses utilizing Chase for various financial services, from investment guidance to business loans and payment processing.

For Lucas, who seeks a dependable banking partner for his burgeoning photography venture, the implicit endorsement from his favorite neighborhood store resonates deeply. It prompts him to consider a switch to Chase, especially with the enticing offers available at his local branch.

Bringing the Bank to the Street-Level

When GroupM proposed advertising Chase’s small business banking through WNDW’s network of local businesses, we jumped at the chance. After all, small businesses have been the cornerstone of WNDW for over three decades; the vast majority of our 50,000 display venue partners are small enterprises themselves. 

And nothing connects with the people of a neighborhood quite like the storefront windows on Main Street. 

Chase’s WNDWposter billboards are currently being seen across 27 neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C., providing extensive coverage and generating over 1.7 million impressions weekly.

We stand ready to assist and are eager to explore further collaborations. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your advertising.

Dean Stallone
Founder & CEO, WNDW

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