Digital Integration

Outdoor Advertising joins forces with the best of Programmatic Digital.

Outdoor & Mobile Merged.

Gather audience engagement intelligence before OHH installation.

Boost your outdoor campaign with targeted mobile ads that appear on a user's device.

We identify the most responsive neighborhoods through digital data-mining; this audience engagement intelligence tells us what precise areas to launch an optimized WindowPoster™ campaign.

  • Pre-Launch Neighborhood Analysis.

    Gather audience engagement intelligence before WindowPoster™ installation.

  • Digital Geo-Fencing.

    Mobile ads are served when target audiences are near WindowPoster™ Displays with the same creative.

  • Combined Impact.

    The One-to-Many medium of Outdoor meets the One-on-One intimacy of Mobile.

Case Studies

WNDW works with clients of all sizes, from major brands down to small, non-profit entities with limited resources. See what we've done lately.


African Services Committee

Founded in 1981 by Ethiopian refugees, the African Services Committee is a multi-service agency based in Harlem,…


This Free Life

A Highly Targeted National Ad Campaign On PRIDE Parade Routes  ‘This Free Life’ was a years-long initiative…


Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’

Nickelodeon Looks To Revive a Hit Sketch Comedy in Southern Cities All That was a groundbreaking kids…


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