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On a sunny spring day, Ava is walking her dog Rocky through the streets of downtown Montclair, New Jersey, towards her fave local cafe, Julie’s Java. Julie’s has a large sign in the window for “Bond Vet”, with a circular QR code on display. Ava scans the code, reads the text, and walks into the cafe to grab some coffee. 

Ava has been looking for a new vet for Rocky, after they moved to the area from out of town. Maybe she’ll give Bond Vet a try? Too busy right now to make an appointment …

As Ava waits in line for her caffeine fix, an ad pops up in her YouTube feed, advertising Bond Vet services. Coincidence?

Ava takes it as a sign, and schedules a visit for Rocky then and there, as she sips her coffee. 

Digital Intergration at Street Level

WNDW has been utilizing Programmatic Mobile campaigns to augment and enhance our WNDWposter™ offerings for the past decade. 

Our recent campaign for Bond Vet, another successful ADKOM partnership, was a targeted awareness campaign, with the express goal of convincing new customers to book visits at their closest Bond Vet location. 

Geofencing around WNDWposter storefront billboards in towns throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, a remarkable 2.97 million additional impressions were generated on smartphones, adding to the 10.2 million eyeballs the WNDWposters already grabbed.

Moreover, the WNDW initiative spurred 1,734 clicks on the “book now” button, with an impressive 81% conversion rate in actual veterinary appointments. 

Ava and Rocky had a terrific visit with her new vet! Rocky received a clean bill of health, and, much to the doggie’s annoyance, a few shots to go along with it. 

We’re here to assist, and eager to collaborate further. Reach out now to explore how we can elevate your advertising efforts with WNDWposter Display and Programmatic Mobile.

Dean Stallone
Founder & CEO, WNDW

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