At PMD Promotion, we do hundreds of Windowposter advertising campaigns a year for Artists like Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney to the latest hip Underground Independent film. But I doubt, more than a handful of our clients know what the PMD in PMD Promotion means.

So here is the real scoop.

In the mid-nineties, I was sitting in my NYU dorm room in Greenwich Village. I called a potential client on the phone and her secretary asked me what company I was calling from. We were so new at that point, I hadn’t even thought about our name. So I made one up on the spot: Print Media Distribution. It was the first thing that came to mind, literally. You cant make this stuff up.

Once things started to roll, we shortened it to PMD Promotion after we realized it was a pain in the neck to say it every time the phone rang.

Today, with our nationwide Advertising Network and advanced technology that PMD Promotion can provide to our Advertisers, we have become so much more the just “Print Media Distribution” but maybe the lesson here for the young entrepreneur, is still to think on your feet and just go with you gut. Don’t over think your name, forcing meaning never serves a company well, if we had done that, we ultimately could have limited ourselves, tying us to one thing instead of having an ambiguous moniker with room to grow.

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