Unless you have been under a rock on Mars for the last five years, you have noticed how smart phone applications have changed the way people interact with each other and their surroundings. Whether to find a local seafood restaurant on the go, listen to music, reading the paper, playing games, or doing thousands of other things possible with third party apps, people are spending more and more time using their smart phones, and the capabilities of these phones is constantly increasing with the development of new apps.

The growth of the third party app market is staggering. Check out this data from Cody Williard’s; The Cody Word:
“More than 100 million people will buy their first app-enabled smart phone this year. There will be more app-enabled smart phones sold than PCs next year. There will be more than one billion app-enabled smart phone users on the planet within the next three years. And by the year 2020, more than one billion people will buy an app-enabled smart phone every year and more than one-third of the world’s population –more than two billion people — will be using apps on their smart phones. (All these estimates come from Gartner, RBC Capital Markets and Willard Media Ventures).”

With such tremendous growth in smart phone app users, advertising must utilize this emerging communications technology. PMD’s use of tag technology with smart phone apps does just that. Check out this video about our tag campaigns and how we are staying on the cutting edge of consumer trends.


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