Name: Penn Quarter, Washington DC
Population: 10,000
Main Street: 7th Street, H Street

Who’s Here / BE SEEN by: Tourists, Greenmarket Patrons

Year PMD Began Here: 2005

Penn Quarter has undergone multiple personality changes since it’s earliest function as a commercial corridor, linking the farm country to Washington’s Central Market in the early 1800’s.  The neighborhood continues to grow and change to this day, moving from urban decay and chain restaurants to an area full of quirky galleries, specialty high-end restaurants and trendy boutiques.  The result of this revitalization is that on any given day, one can see tourists, sports fanatics, foodies, and street musicians form a strangely fascinating parade of people that embody Penn Quarter’s diverse heart.



Name: Silver Lake, Los Angeles CA
Population: Over 30,000
Main Street: Vermont Ave, Silver Lake Blvd

Who’s Here / BE SEEN by: “Hipsters”, The tastemakers of LA

Year PMD Began Here: 2003

Most notably known as an ultra-trendy enclave of Los Angeles, Silver Lake exudes local LA flavor in all aspects — music, nightlife, architecture and, of course, its quirky residents. You can’t find an artsier neighborhood, or one where so many self-proclaimed hipsters hang out. It’s edgy and has a history of counterculture.



Name: South End, Boston MA
Population: Over 28,000
Main Street: Tremont and Washington Street

Who’s Here / BE SEEN by: Locals and tourists visiting trendy “Restaurant Row”

Year PMD Began Here: 2005

The South End was Boston’s first district built outside the ‘old city’ and quickly became the most exclusive district in Boston. One can wander streets and squares lined with the largest collection of Victorian housing in the nation. Also of particular interest are the new, hip restaurants lining Tremont Street, Holy Cross Cathedral on Washington Street, and the Southwest Corridor Park, a pedestrian corridor running over former railroad tracks straight through the neighbourhood, providing a cross-section of the alleys and streets of the South End.

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