How Local Can OOH Be? How About to the Block Level.


When healthcare companies come calling, they bring it. And by “it”, we mean data. No one knows where and how to reach their customer base better than the healthcare industry. And that data can be incredibly granular and specific.

Take NYU Langone, for instance. As one of the nation’s premier academic medical institutions, NYU Langone wanted to reach Chinese Americans in one section of one neighborhood in New York City.

Billups reached out to WNDW, and  WindowPoster™ Displays were deployed in the front windows of storefronts on 8th Avenue in NYC’s largest Chinatown – tightly focused in less than 20 city blocks.

Hyper-Local targeting? How about Micro-Local.

Devoted to patient care, education, and research, and in the wake of COVID-19, NYU Langone wanted to assure all patients that they were safe visiting their doctors and seeking treatment.

The NYU Langone Brooklyn location at 60th Street in Sunset Park Brooklyn caters to women at all stages of life, fitting into busy schedules with Sunday appointments and walk- in availability. Because the location is in the heart of Chinatown Brooklyn, doctors and staff members speak both English and Chinese, and communicate with patients in their preferred language.

Service: WindowPoster Display
Market: New York City
Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY
1 Period: 4 Display Weeks
Audited Impressions (Geopath): 2,440,368

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