Showing the Facebook Love


Dear Small Business,
We ❤️ You.
Love, Facebook
This summer, Facebook executives were presented with WNDW’s campaign We ❤️ Small Business. It was a simple idea that resonated, and happen to be similar to what the world’s largest social media platform already had in the works: a show of support for the nation’s small businesses that make up more than half of Facebook’s advertising revenue.

WNDW began a 10 market initiative early last month. “Support Small Business” was the message.

That’s it. Simple. No call to action, no huge branding launch.

Perhaps it’s because of the apparent lack of any self-serving sales pitch that the Facebook Power the Comeback campaign has one of the highest approval ratings of any WNDW initiative in our almost 30 year history, according to surveys of our small business network.

We want to thank our partners at Kinetic Worldwide for floating this idea by Facebook, as well as the creative team at Droga5 for their amazing design work.

  • Campaign Details:
  • 10 U.S. DMAs
  • 85+ Neighborhoods, 60-65% Avg. Neighborhood Coverage
  • 4 Display Weeks/1 Period
  • Audited Impressions: 134,058,260
  • Key Cities: NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Wash. D.C., Charlotte, San Francisco

Thank you for reading – cheers!

Dean Stallone

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