We ❤️ Small Business


“We ❤️ Small Business” is the message. And this sentiment isn’t just a slogan; 99% of U.S. businesses are considered small. 88% of small businesses have 20 employees or less. 44% of GDP comes from small businesses. That local, neighborhood, small business relies on all of us, and we rely upon them. That’s why we wanted to produce, post, and spread this awesome message across 5 major cities within the United States to show gratitude for our network of over 50,000+ locations.

So come on inside, show this Small Business your appreciation, and support. Places like this aren’t just something that we need, they are something that your community relies upon. If it wasn’t for Small Businesses like this one, our towns and neighborhoods wouldn’t be the same.

Born in an NYU dorm room more than 30 years ago, WNDW bridges the gap between advertisers and communities at the street level.

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