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(This article originally appeared in OOH Today Jan 9, 2023. Link to the original article is HERE)

OOH Owner Today —WNDW 

by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

WNDW, formerly PMD Media, brings local-focused OOH advertising to a national scale. The owner has a network of over 45,000 locations in over 60 cities all across the United States and focuses primarily on one medium: storefront billboards featured in street-level windows. Additionally, although WNDW operates outside of cities – in the suburbs and exurbs – its main focus is major markets with dense populations. In these markets, the company has an expansive network of over 50,000 independent storefronts. WNDW offers three services in total: WindowPoster Displays, Small Business Direct, and Digital Integration.

Its WindowPoster Displays are what the company calls its storefront billboards and are its bread and butter. WNDW describes them using the phrase “tech meets simplicity” as the displays combine “old-world media” and “state-of-the-art digital technology” to effectively covey brands’ messages. The displays have WNDW’s proprietary routing and tracking software which allows it to geo-fence and collect detailed re passes by its displays. One of the company’s key strategies – “blanketing” – gives clients the option to have their campaigns blanket an entire city so sizable portions of people see their advertising.

Small Business Direct allows WNDW’s clients to “go beyond the Advertiser-Storefront relationship.” WNDW has valuable, personal face-to-face connections with over 40,000 small business partners. These relationships help build trust and allow the company to further drive sales and introduce new products with app demos, product sampling, merchandise giveaways, and more. WNDW’s Digital Integration merges OOH and mobile marketing to truly create advertising synergy. Utilizing its Display’s geo-fencing capabilities, prerequisite audience engagement intelligence, and digital data mining, WNDW boosts outdoor campaigns by sending out targeted mobile ads.

Lastly, a bit on WNDW’s origin story. In 1991, the company was founded by New York University freshmen on the third floor of a historic building in NYC’s Greenwich village. Spectacularly, their first client was a legendary rock band – The Grateful Dead – and their first location was the iconic Madison Square Garden. Not such a humble beginning.

Dean Stallone, WNDW’s CEO, joined OOH Today for an exclusive interview about the company.

Q: Why should advertisers choose your business?

A: “Two words: Scale and Focus. WNDW gets our clients seen with street-level billboards in more than 45,000 independent storefronts throughout 60 U.S. cities. We have the ability to be hyper-local, and extremely targeted, or we can blanket entire markets.”

Q: What is the company’s key to success in the OOH business?

A: “We fill a need that’s not being met, by being seen in places where other operators can’t reach, where OOH inventory is scarce, in the neighborhoods where people live, work and shop.”

Q: How does WNDW have the capability to expand into new cities and suburbs so quickly?

A: “Combining our experience with proprietary software, constant analysis of new data, and coordinated training of our personnel in the field. We work directly with the owners and managers of the independent businesses that we partner with, creating a seamless process. New cities and neighborhoods can be opened in a matter of 4-6 weeks. And because we can be anywhere there are independent businesses, WNDW is able to get clients seen even where other OOH is scarce.”

Q: Why did the business choose to rebrand from PMD Media to WNDW?

A: “Rebranding was a tough decision after 30 years, but we’ve always been seen in the storefront windows of our venue partners. The “WNDW” brand is easy to explain and understand, it just makes sense.”

Q: What are some future goals for the business?

A: “We’ve been working on a digital product for some time now, we hope to introduce that in the coming months. We also want to continue to expand beyond the 60+ markets we’re in right now across the U.S., and we’re planning to go international as well!”

Q: Share a fun fact about your company!

A: “Most companies started in a garage somewhere. WNDW began on the 3rd floor of an NYU dorm room in Greenwich Village. The Grateful Dead was our first client!”


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