WNDW’s Push Towards Green + Yeti Giveaway

Earth Friendly

Here at WNDW, we’re taking a significant leap towards a greener future.  We are thrilled to share some news about our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable solutions in our operation. 

When WNDW transitioned from paper to vinyl poster production earlier this year, we were understandably torn with a decision that pitted the better visibility and durability of vinyl against the more biodegradable paper.

Because of this, we’ve made it our top priority to adapt the printing process to be more environmentally sustainable. 

Many Out-of-Home operators have begun to adopt sustainable practices as well. In a recent OOH Today article, our great friend and President of GeopathDylan Mabin, discusses how companies like Lamar, OUTFRONT, and Clear Channel have been spending real time and dollars in order to make their organizations greener.

WNDW has been undergoing a similar effort. Unlike traditional UV printers used in vinyl production, which is still the industry standard, we use environmentally-friendly, water-based resin inks, which are enriched with natural components, making them more biodegradable than the chemicals commonly used in traditional printing methods. The inks dry almost immediately to the touch, and are non-toxic, emitting no mist or VOCs (smelly stuff). Additionally, the inks are held within eco-friendly, fully-recyclable containers, eliminating the need for plastic cartridges. 

In another positive, WNDW’s production plant is now local to our New York City operation, which not only reduces delivery distances to headquarters, but shipments are now made in hybrid vehicles, reducing our overall carbon footprint. 

Lastly, we are continuing to push for our ultimate goal of replacing petrochemical-based vinyl materials with a PVC-free alternative. We’ll update you here when we make this final leap!

One More Nod Towards Earth Matters

In the drive to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles and coffee cups, WNDW is giving away a bunch of reusable Yeti mugs and water bottles!

Leave a “LIKE” on WNDW’s LinkedIn post HERE and we’ll enter you to win.

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