With Tourism Down, A City Looks to its Locals

Why Don’t You Stay a While?
One City Asks its Locals to Stay Put.
First off, this is NOT a depressing post about Covid-19.

This is a hopeful story about how one great American city is taking a stand, and asking its residents to do something to help keep their neighborhoods vibrant.

Life in Seattle has changed since March, with downtowns eerily quiet, commuters working from home, and tourism almost nonexistent.

Normally tasked with bringing in tourists from out of town, Visit Seattle is looking inward, to the residents and locals of the city and its surrounding neighborhoods, to shop, eat, browse, and support the small businesses in their community.

With the help of the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority (RTA) and the Wunderman Thompson – Seattle office, Visit Seattle’s message is simple: stay here, spend your time and money here, in the city you know and love.

It’s a simple ask.

I don’t know Seattle as well as my own hometown, New York City, but I can personally relate to the message. Walking around Midtown, Chelsea and Greenwich Village last week, I was constantly looking for the throngs of tourists that normally crowd the city streets, with no sign in sight. It was a strange feeling.

Out of town tourism is down, way down, all across the U.S.. International travelers are staying away for the foreseeable future, and it’s widely believed that tourists from within the U.S. will be returning sooner.

We’re not there yet. Only when Covid-19 is fully in the rear view mirror, will people begin traveling again, and start spending money in the local small businesses that give each great metropolis its flavor, its originality, its character.

Seattle is one of these urban treasures. It’s asking its residents to Do Something. Dine. Shop. Enjoy your hometown.

I can’t wait until we can all do these little things again, without a second thought.

Stay safe, be happy, enjoy your loved ones, and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!! 😎

-Dean Stallone

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“Businesses have had to make heart-wrenching decisions on how to cut costs to stay afloat, and many small businesses may not have the means to market or promote themselves,” said Katherine Kertzman, president and CEO of the Seattle Southside RTA in a statement to Seattle PI.com “This campaign encourages King County residents and visitors to support local businesses and ‘Do Something’ at their own comfort level and pace. We’re very excited about this collaborative campaign, and we are optimistic that locals and visitors alike will come together to support businesses countywide.”

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