What if Out-of-Home Asked For Your Help?

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Every night, more than 30,000 people across the Bay Area don’t have a place to sleep. Black and LGBTQ people are disproportionately represented in that number, far exceeding their percentage of the general population. No single government, business or community organization could tackle the issue alone, it takes an entire community.

Asking a simple question leads to some startling answers, and possible solutions.

WHY do so many San Franciscans not have a home in their hometown?
WHY haven’t we solved homelessness by now?
WHY should you care?

The “All In” campaign is simple enough, money alone won’t house all their neighbors (Tipping Point Community will spend $100 million by 2022). The initiative seeks to win hearts and minds as well, asking people of all types to open their homes, talk with their neighbors and their landlords, utilize the existing vacant housing today. Quite literally urging residents to open their doors to those most in need.

It takes an average of 5-7 years for new housing to be built in San Fransisco, but thousands of homes are vacant tonight.

Tipping Point Community, their agency Billups Worldwide and WNDW have teamed up for a hyper-local ad campaign seen in small business storefronts throughout 8 neighborhoods.

Combining WNDW WindowPoster™ Display and WNDW Digital Integration, mobile ads are served in the same neighborhoods where storefront billboards are seen.

Services: WindowPoster Display & Digital Integration
Market: San Francisco CA
8 Neighborhoods, including Hayes Valley, Mission, Sunset and Richmond
1 Period: 4 Display Weeks
Audited Impressions (Geopath): 10,804,640
Digital Impressions: 1,200,488

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