Hello all, my name is Dean Stallone and I am the Chief Executive Officer here at PMD Promotion, the leader in Windowposter Advertising. Welcome to our newly expanded website and my blog! The blog is a space for me to discuss the happenings in the outdoor advertising industry as well as what’s going on here at PMD. Topics will include Poster Art, Effective Advertising, Marketing Tips, Advertising Industry Trends, Case Studies, My Personal Stories, and Events happening around the great cities in our Advertising Network. After all, since we announce it to the world with our Advertising Posters, we are usually the first to know. Hopefully you will get to know me and the rest of PMD a bit more, learn about our operations and inspirations, gain insight into the poster advertising world, and discover what our clients have to offer you in all of our 20 U.S. cities. My unique position and perspective has placed my finger on the pulse of cities, towns and  across the nation. Come see what’s coming to your area.

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