Try Scanning A Billboard QR Code While Driving

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Street-Level QR Code Integration 

Everyday at WNDW, we’re dedicated to optimizing our OOH product to be the best that it can be. When there’s a tool that we can deploy to make our product even better, we implement it. 

As people increasingly grow numb to intrusive digital ads and screens everywhere, WNDW’s brand of OOH media remains a champion of purposeful interactions. QR codes augment and improve on this engagement.

You can’t scan a QR code while you’re driving by a billboard, or even raise your phone in time to point it at that digital screen before the ad flips. WNDWposters are the perfect medium for QR codes; eye-level, street-facing storefront billboards, always delivering 100% share of voice.

When people see a poster display in the window of their neighborhood coffee shop, they’re more inclined to scan it and engage with the advertiser. QR codes help drive impactful app downloads, website impressions, and actionable engagement for our clients. We provide a precise way to measure results, identify more receptive areas, and enhance user engagement. With a QR code, your WNDWposter becomes more compelling, actionable, and trackable.

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Dean Stallone
Founder & CEO, WNDW

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