The WNDW Effect: Comcast’s Rural Revolution

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Internet For All: WNDW’s Comcast Partnership

As we continue our recent initiative for Comcast Xfinity in partnership with Publicis Media Exchange, we are reminded of the impact hyper-local OOH advertising can bring to bear.

The significance of static OOH advertising lies in its ability to make a lasting impression through repeated exposure, with 100% share of voice. In tight-knit communities centered around just a handful of essential small business storefronts, the value for companies like Comcast is immense. These focal points provide an opportunity for repetitive engagement with the local population. 

Our work reaches beyond the mere display of ads; they addressed a fundamental need within less populated counties – better access to fast and reliable internet. Recognizing this need, Comcast introduced their ISP in two rural counties outside Vail, Colorado. WNDW is playing a crucial role in ensuring their ongoing visibility. Through our advance venue research, we pinpointed the most frequently visited areas within these communities, guaranteeing that the message was not only seen but also interacted with by consumers across various touch points. Through its network of street-level storefronts, WNDW is estimated to achieve 200,000+ impressions over a 4 week period. 

This campaign is especially important for us because it highlights our ability to effectively navigate uncharted territory. WNDW eagerly embraces such opportunities and thrives on uncovering untapped markets that yield conversions for our clients. In less than two weeks we are able to open up these two new areas and with each new venture, we refine our reporting mechanisms to provide clients with faster and more efficient insights into campaign performance. 

Our proven track record showcases our ability to navigate challenges and unearth opportunities where out-of–home options are scarce. At WNDW, we can craft strategies that resonate with even the most niche audiences, leaving an indelible mark on communities and creating lasting connections for your clients.

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