The cutting edge of outdoor advertising technology just got a little sharper. Mobile tag technology (check out our video) is already bringing Windowposter™ advertising into the next century. Now, PMD is offering its clients the next step with this new technology; mobile site landing pages.

Typically with mobile tagging, once a tag is snapped with a smartphone, the potential customer is brought to a single webpage, whether it be iTunes, a website, a video, ect. Now with a mobile landing page, once a tag is snapped the smartphone will load a customized landing page with several options of where to go next. If, for example, a potential customer snaps a tag from a band’s poster, the mobile landing page could have options to buy the band’s latest album, watch music videos, purchase concert tickets, join a mailing list, and buy a t-shirt. Or a movie poster’s landing page could link to a trailer, the movie’s website, and theater locations and times. For performing arts events; clips of a performance, a link to purchase tickets, and performance schedules could all be accessed through the landing page. This empowers the customer with more options while simultaneously advertising multiple aspects or products with a single poster and increasing overall exposure.

We are very excited about this new tech development here at PMD as we remain in the technological vanguard of outdoor advertising.

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