Suddenly, I’m in a Hospital ICU, Thinking of OOH

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Healthcare is Essential. So is OOH.

I found myself sitting in a hospital ICU ward this past Monday morning. My 80 year old aunt fell down a flight of stairs in the middle of the night, racing back to see a replay of Aaron Judge’s walk-off homer in a Yankees’ win. She had some minor brain bleeding and was just back from her second CT scan.

Right after the incident, as they loaded her into the ambulance, my aunt had the presence of mind to request she be brought to her preferred neighborhood hospital. I’m glad she did.

Hospitals Need Help Too

I dread hospitals. I think most people probably feel the same way, but they are the backbone of our healthcare system, and when you need them, like my aunt did this week, you’re happy to get the care.

Which brings me back to the hospital where I was currently spending my time. It wasn’t a scary place. It was clean, bright and modern. The entire staff was friendly, respectful and diligent. Doctors, nurses, PAs, desk attendants, everyone seemed to be there to help my aunt, and me as well.

Huntington Hospital is ranked nationally in several areas of care, including orthopedics, geriatrics, and most importantly for my aunt this week, neurology.

Ironically, Huntington Hospital just happened to also be a WNDW client.

OOH Outside of Big Cities

Horizon Media and Adkom were working with the hospital’s owner, Northwell Health, which was looking to reach the population of adults over 25 within 10 to15 miles from the campus, and tell them about the good work the staff had been doing for years.

But here’s the issue that comes up often – there is not much Out of Home media available in the suburbs, the town of Huntington, or the town of Commack, or Smithtown or Melville, or most towns anywhere in the U.S. outside of center cities, for that matter. All these places are vital areas for Northwell to be seen in.

So Horizon Media & Adkom turned to WNDW, the hyper-local OOH solution for so many brands for the past 30 years. WIth storefront billboards displayed in the front windows of more than 100 locations, the message was delivered, grabbing over 30 million audited impressions over the course of three months (Geopath).

I’m happy to report my aunt is doing well, and will be home very soon, thanks to some good luck and lots of great care from the terrific staff at Huntington Hospital.

If your healthcare clients are looking for an OOH solution that reaches people in the neighborhoods where they live, work and shop, please drop us a line.

Have safe, healthy Spring!

Dean Stallone
Founder & CEO, WNDW

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