Spring is Here … Get Outdoor(s)!


Spring is the Time to Be Outdoors.

As we leave winter behind and the birds begin to sing, people are starting to emerge from their winter hibernation, and are getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather. More and more, outdoor advertising is being seen, as people spend less time in front of the TV or glued to their phones. 

WNDW can help – we are hyper-local out-of-home advertising on a national scale. We reach audiences everywhere with storefront billboards, on display in street-level windows, with a network of over 50,000 U.S. locations.

WNDW is seen where people live, in neighborhoods. Communities – not zip codes.

Right now is a great time for brands to take advantage of “the fastest growing ad medium in 2022” according to the OAAA and its president Anna Bager. “OOH overall experienced double-digit growth across all four categories: Billboards, Street Furniture, Transit, and Place-Based.” 

Bager addressed the phenomenal growth of out-of-home during the annual conference in Nashville TN; “Not only were we the fastest growing ad medium in 2022 – we’re also predicted to be one of the fastest growing ad media in 2023.” 

If your organization is ready to be a part of that growth, please get in touch. WNDW can help get brand messaging in front of target audiences at street level, in their own communities, hyper-locally and at scale across the U.S. It just makes sense for brands to be where the action is – Outdoors!

Thank you OAAA and GEOPATH

We wanted to extend a big big THANK YOU to Anna Bager and the OAAA, Dylan Mabin and the team at Geopath, for putting together an amazing 2023 OOH media conference in Nashville TN. What an exciting time to be in the OOH industry! Anna and Dylan brought us incredible insight into the growth and successes of OOH in 2022. Outdoor advertising was the fastest growing ad medium last year, reaching over 8 Billion in spending, a record. Here’s to a great 2023!

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