I had just seen “Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark” on the Thursday before it officially was to open, at an exclusive invitation-only event thrown by Interscope Records. Pretty neat seeing Bono talk to the crowd of 100 people in the lobby of the Foxwoods Theater before showtime. Then I saw the show, and I was equally impressed. So I had to laugh when I was invited back for opening night just 5 days later. Did I really want to see it again?

The answer was an emphatic “yes”.

Despite what you may have heard, or read in reviews, Spider-Man is one show you have to see. Not only is it visually striking, with flying action, costumes and scenery which will leave you, mouth open and wide-eyed, but the music is at times moving, and at times amazing rock and roll. Besides, if you don’t see this musical, you will be missing out on Broadway history.

Go. And tell all your friends that you went, I bet they’ll be jealous.


This was as close as I got to Bono, “formerly famous” for his work with U2, talking to fans before a performance of Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark.

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