It’s an all new  This week, we launched the latest, major redevelopment of our site; version 7.0.

This redesign features updated maps for all our 22+ markets, eight brand new case studies, and new blog & social integration, among many other changes.

Please take a look and let us know what you think!

Do you remember the 1999 version of The very first web site we ever published, version 1.0  Take a look below and see all of the past iterations of

1, version 1.0, 1999

Before we had a real tag line, we had a web site. Email was barely being used yet. And PMD was only in New York City storefronts. Just Manhattan, to be precise.

2, version 2.0, 2003

We expanded our Venue Network to 15,000 total, and the entire NYC Metro Area. But we still needed a tag line!

2b-2004-1024x731, version 2.1, 2004

Watch out LA, PMD is in town. Our first “Outer” Market, outside New York; Los Angeles.

3-0-2005-1024x731, version 3.0, 2005

Flash web sites were all the rage. We had to have one. Things slid to the left and right, buttons blinked off and on, and PMD finally gets its tag line.

4, version 4.0, 2007

Another Flash site. More sliding and zig-zagging graphics. And more cities to conquer!

5, version 5.0, 2010

The shortest-lived version of, this one lasted only 6 months.

6-1024x731, version 6.0, 2010

Major re-focusing on our blog entries and articles about advertising, marketing, strategy and industry news.

6b-2012-1024x731, version 6.1, 2012

SImilar to the last version 6.0, but our tag line shortened to just “Be Seen”. And we added cities, of course.

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