Are you exhausted from the holidays? The dark days of January bringing you down? Tune in to HBO for their most acclaimed series Girls, & their latest premiere Looking, to bring you up and out of your Winter funk. PMD is making sure audiences all over Los Angeles, New York & San Francisco are seeing these Windowposters™.

The Emmy and Golden Globe winning Girls returns to HBO for its third season on January 12th. What should we expect as Hannah and her friends return for a third season? Hannah’s career as a writer seems to be on track and her relationship with Adam is in full swing. Marnie continues to try and hold it all together, even when everything else is falling apart around her. Shoshanna decides to be ‘reckless’, specifically in the bedroom and Jessa…continues to be Jessa. Fanatics of the show have been clamoring for the return and should not be disappointed in this new season.


Premiering on January 19th immediately after Girls, is HBO’s LookingLooking is an unfiltered glance at three friends living, and loving, in modern-day San Francisco.  Patrick, Dom and Agustin are all at different points in their lives, Looking will explore how each journey intertwines and intersects with their friendships, and with each other. Patrick is the young tech guy who tries a little too hard in work and in love. Dom is trying to get used to the idea that he’s not the hot, young thing anymore. And Agustin is trying out monogamy and co-habitation for the first time. Using real San Francisco locations as a backdrop for the characters’ lives, Looking is an important and progressive window onto the sexually open and unpredictable culture of the Bay Area.


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