Electronic Dance Music, or “EDM”, once heard only in dance clubs and illegal raves, is surging into the mainstream with help from superstar artists Empire of the Sun, Swedish House Mafia, and Tiësto.

No longer relegated to the 2am college radio rotation or your club-hopping cousin Gino’s Cadillac, EDM is now heard all over top 40 stations and online streaming, in part due to pop stars as diverse as Rihanna and Pitbull using electro beats to push their songs.

One of the biggest artists today who specifically stays away from pop music collaborations, is the Dutch DJ Tiësto. In additional to jetting between headlining spots all over the planet, Tiësto recently signed a 20 month deal as the resident DJ in a brand new Las Vegas dance club. Fans of Tiësto can pick up his latest mixtape, Club Life: Volume 3 Stockholm, to hold them over while he works on this second full length album of originals.

PMD is excited to be working on a Windowposter™ campaign for Club Life: Volume 3 right now, in a NYC-LA bicoastal push.


While DJ’s are the front runners in electronica, one band who is performing it live, is Empire of the Sun. Using creative costumes and visuals, Empire of the Sun generates synth-heavy music with actual instruments.  The larger-than-life band recently released their second album, Ice on the Dune.  Fans of Empire’s psychedelic electro-pop will be pleased with the sci-fi feel of this album, as well as the vintage sound that would have been just as popular 30 years ago as it is today.

Keep your eyes open for Empire of the Sun Windowposter™ Displays near you, being seen in independent storefronts in 5 cities across the U.S., including Chicago, Seattle & San Francisco.


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