No media is seen by more parents & their kids than PMD Windowposter™ Displays. What projects are you working on that must BE SEEN by mothers, fathers and their children? Shoot us an email for your Custom Campaign Plan today.

Here are two family-centered projects that PMD is getting SEEN now:

Disney’s ‘Frozen‘ is back. It was one of the largest grossing films of 2013, and now it’s live, ON ICE! Disney on Ice is bringing the beloved sisters, Anna and Elsa, and their winter wonderland, to an ice arena near you. The royal sisters will bring all their friends on their journey to find the most magical power of all, true love. The ice spectacular is hosted by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and includes appearances by characters from Toy Story, The Lion King, Finding Nemo and the always popular, Disney Princesses. Disney on Ice: Frozen hits the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on November 11th, with performances running through the 16th.

Walking With Dinosaurs‘ is here. With arena shows from Brooklyn to San Diego, 20 animatronic, life-size dinosaurs are walking the Earth again. Kids of all ages (3 to 93) will enjoy seeing these creatures up close. Spectators will learn the history of the dinosaurs reign on earth and what ultimately caused their demise. Originating in 2007 in Australia, this show has toured the world to rave reviews and to the delight of audiences everywhere. Walking With Dinosaurs will be in San Diego at the Valley View Casino Center November 26 through the 30th.


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