Where is your stuff made? Across town? Across the country? Across the globe?

Less than 100 years ago, everything we came into contact with, everything we bought, sold, consumed, was grown, manufactured and designed locally, within a few hundred miles of where we lived. Nowadays, we consume everything. And it comes from anywhere. Container shipping, cheap overseas labor, and Walmart have transformed what and where we buy.

At this company, we value “local”. Independent retailers and businesses form the backbone of our Display Venue Network of 50,000 restaurants, retailers and storefronts across the U.S.

Which is why we love featuring this event, and this retailer:

BKLYN DESIGNS is an annual exhibition of cutting-edge furnishing designers based in Brooklyn. With two main exhibition spaces, St. Ann’s Warehouse and the Mark Jupiter Showroom, this year’s collection of over 60 exhibitors will display the latest contemporary furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories designed and crafted in Brooklyn.

In addition to the many exhibits, there are several “Brooklyn” focused programming events for visitors. Learn how to double-dutch the “Brooklyn” way and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the John Street section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, currently under construction. There will also be pop-up shops by Bicycle Utopia, desigNYC, Design with Benefits and Two Kids and A Dog. as well as assorted Brooklyn food trucks.

BKLYN DESIGNS will be held this weekend, Friday, May 9 through Sunday, May 11, 2014.


‘Gifted’ has been a PMD display venue partner since 2008. Located in the South End neighborhood, Gifted is the very definition of “Boston Strong”, selling locally designed & manufactured jewelry, pottery and art.

After receiving her BFA in pottery and photography, Marie Corcoran opened Gifted in October 2008, specializing in local and U.S. artists. She wanted to be able to provide Boston with unique hand crafted gifts as well as creating a direct relationship with customers.

Not only does Marie provide Boston with unique gifts, she travels the world on various mission trips and has done so since her childhood. From flood relief in Illinois to the Ukraine to Juarez, Mexico to build an orphanage and to Haiti twice, Marie has a passion for doing work for others.


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