PMD Promotion has a new campaign reporting feature; venue mapping. Our partners over at Colibri Solutions, who have developed some great reporting software for PMD (check out our blog about Colibri), used some slick software development to bring venue mapping into our client’s e-reports.

Since PMD began placing Windowposters™, Postcards & Brochures in storefronts more than 15 years ago, we have always given the name and exact address of every display venue where clients’ materials have been installed. PMD was an innovator in reporting, right from day one. Now, we are giving our clients even more: the visual equivalent of those venue lists, with pin maps from every market.


Using Google Maps, clients can now see exactly where their posters are being placed and in which venues, across the U.S. This new feature enhances clients’ understanding of the ad campaign and allows them to track the locations of their advertisements, ensuring that the right demographic areas are being targeted. Here are some examples of what venue mapping can look like for clients. Click on the images to see the full Venue Map.

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