Situation: The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), a long time client of PMD, wanted to increase the attendance level at its performing arts events.  Located in trendy Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and showcasing film, music, theatre, and dance, BAM wanted to stand out from the plethora of performance art in New York City.  In 2009 PMD and BAM worked together to build on the success PMD had already produced for BAM.

Solution: PMD worked with BAM to increase its exposure to its target audience.  In 2009 and 2010, PMD ran 15 separate advertising campaigns for BAM using window poster advertising in New York City.  Cafes, bars, store fronts, etc. were blanketed with posters advertising performance art events at BAM.  PMD identified specific neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn where potential BAM patrons worked, lived, and played.  This produced efficient and cost-effective advertisement campaigns that produced an increase in attendance levels.


Results: Since PMD began BAM’s ad campaign, the Brooklyn Academy of Music has seen an increase in its audience levels and its overall exposure in New York City.  PMD’s campaign for BAM targeted a specific audience and reached them with a cost-effective and high yielding poster advertising campaign.

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