PMD Media is now WNDW

WNDW LAUNCH email graphic

After 31 years, PMD Media has officially rebranded as WNDW. 

Pronounced “window,” the new name strikes at the heart of what we deliver – it’s our driving ethos. A window is where we are now, and where, quite literally, we have been seen over the past three decades.

A clear window is a portal through which we all can see. Brands and audiences value this, because of its authenticity, an honest message displayed in a neighborhood storefront has the power to reach people like no other.

Through these windows, PMD has delivered messages to hundreds of millions of people where they live, work and shop. Messages that have been seen in urban midtowns, suburban main streets and exurban town squares across the U.S.

PMD Media will continue to celebrate the power of your local storefront window, and now, we bring it full circle, with a new name and a new brand to honor it. 

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