When it comes to art, I’m a bit of a conservationist; I always love seeing it preserved and appreciated for both the future and the present. Now of course, visual art and design are a favorite of mine (shocking, I know), but to see mediums like poetry, dance, or theater cared for and nurtured by those who truly love it is an amazing thing.

The New York Musical Theater Festival, is around to do just that. The idea behind the festival is to nurture and help young and up-and-coming musical theater writers and talent through a hugely spotlighted showcase, giving them the attention and media coverage they wouldn’t normally receive. Think “new musical incubator”.

Held over over 3 weeks in theaters all over New York City, (September 27th – October 17th), the festival is a knockout. In the 6 years since it’s inception, the festival has spotlighted 232 new musicals, 60 of which have gone on to applauded success on Broadway and off.

I highly recommend getting in on this festival, not only for what it stands for, but for the amazing talent you’re sure to witness during it.

I’m happy and proud to have PMD Promotion backing this event as a media sponsor. Windowposters are already up around the city for this event, and be sure to check out the digital tag with your smartphone for access to a specialized landing page for the festival. As an added bonus, all tickets purchased by way of these PMD-specialized tags will receive a discounted price!

Be sure to check out for more info, and hopefully, I’ll see you at the show!


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