PayPal Reaches Out to Small Business with WNDW

PayPal Looks to WNDW for
Consumer & Small Business Outreach
Introduce customers to a new payment method from a trusted brand, while simultaneously engaging with local, small businesses for a new touch-free payment product.Solution:
WNDW WindowPoster Display and Small Business Direct.“We’re really focused on leveraging the PayPal consumer franchise [to get consumers] back into the SMBs on Main Street. That’s our No. 1 goal and objective right now,” stated Jeremy Jonker, Senior Vice President, Head of Consumer In-Store and Digital Commerce at PayPal, in a recent article appearing in’s push for touch-free comes amid a resurgence in QR code usage, as both buyers and sellers are looking for ways to conduct in-person transactions in a socially distanced world.

Horizon Media is using a multi-channel approach over the course of three months this Fall. WNDW has been an integral part of that effort, with its consumer-facing OOH storefront billboards.

Just as important is WNDW’s unique relationship to the independent small businesses that make up its 35,000 location OOH network.

Starting in September and running through December 2020, WNDW’s WindowPoster Displays are targeting consumers in 10 markets, from the barber shop in Boston to the taco spot in San Francisco. WindowPoster Displays invite new users to scan a code on the spot.

Small Business Direct has also been employed to connect storefront management with PayPal itself, serving as the bridge between the two. WNDW personnel have been running in-store app demos with management, enabling SMBs to sign up for the touch-free system within minutes. This effectively gives neighborhood businesses a new and faster way to get paid.

PayPal has sweetened the offer with no transaction fees through the end of the year, a welcome incentive for so many mom and pop shops that are struggling through this turbulent economy.

Services: WindowPoster DisplaySmall Business Direct
Markets: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C.
86 Neighborhoods, 60-65% Avg. Neighborhood Coverage
Period: 12 Display Weeks
Audited Impressions (Geopath): 286,713,028

PayPal launches touch-free payments, the safe way to pay and get paid. With the PayPal app you don’t have to sign, swipe or enter a pin. Just scan, pay, go. Shop safe with PayPal!

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