Mobile tag technology is becoming more and more embedded in today’s economy as companies experiment with new ways to use the technology. Best Buy for example, is rolling out tag technology for the upcoming holiday shopping season. QR codes on fliers and product tags link customers to videos and other product info. The real estate industry is starting to use tag technology on for sale signs to link potential buyers to listing info. Delta Airlines is pressing the envelope by allowing passengers to check in for flights using a QR code on their smartphone rather than paper tickets.

One of the more impressive developments using mobile tag technology is from a newly launched technology start-up called Cimbal. Cimbal software allows smartphone users to make payments using QR codes. Cimbal can be used for person to person transactions as well as person to merchant (both online and in store). Cimbal is hoping to rival credit and debit cards as the standard for paperless transactions.
PMD is excited about the technological evolution of mobile tag tech and we will continue to be one of its catalysts with our own implementation of tag technology with Windowposter™ Displays.

Check out this article on the new uses of tag technology at

And also this one on Cimbal’s new software.

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