Imagine walking into your favorite morning café for some much-needed java. You see an advertising poster in the window for the release of the new album “Noesis” from Blue Six, then you point your mobile device camera to a colorful little tag taking you directly to the iTunes store where you download the album. All before your latte is brewed.

This summer at PMD Promotion we are integrating Microsoft’s Tag technology to enable just that. The next generation 2d barcoding from Microsoft is here now and will revolutionize online, mobile consumer interactivity with all forms of print & display advertising.

Is this a novel idea using mobile devices to activate a response from the consumer?  This linking of real-world objects to deeper experiences on mobile devices started in Japan with QR Codes, another 2d barcode format. Microsoft Tag technology provides a next generation solution offering many useful improvements. Tag is an end-to-end system providing capabilities beyond simply opening a URL, and is built upon an architecture allowing for new functionality to be added over time.

A simple tag reader download to your mobile device is all that is required. The Microsoft Tag Reader works on Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and J2ME devices.

If you would like to try it yourself, using your smartphone, go to, select your mobile device to download the app.

… then give it a try on the tag below used on the  new Blue Six Noesis Windowposter™ …


… your mobile device becomes your remote control to the world…

Enabling Microsoft Tag technology truly brings an enriched experience to the mobile user, extends the usefulness & effectiveness of all forms of print & display advertising, and it’s really cool too. My “All Things Advertising” muse is just another step forward imagining and realizing the possibilities that technology brings to this medium…

Stay tuned for more on Microsoft Tag Technology in future posts…

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