When Interscope Records wanted The Queen of Pop to be seen coast to coast, who did they call? Impressions are where it’s at, even Madonna knows this. Eyeballs on your message, people in front of your images, audiences watching YOU. A network of 35,000 independent storefronts, inside 500 neighborhoods, across 22 DMAs… that’s a lot of eyeballs.

Review: Madonna continues to reign with her latest album, MDNA.  While some critics have viewed this as a “break up” album, with song lyrics that include “I tried to be your wife/Diminished myself, I swallowed my light.”, others have weighed in that this is a party album.  MDNA is, in fact, both.

From the cheerleader chants of ”Give Me All Your Luvin”’ to the stereo-blasting ”Turn Up the Radio.” , these are songs to get bodies on the dance floor.  On the flip side, there are songs that reveal Madonna’s inner feelings in the same way she used to share her pleasures. “Masterpiece” (which won Madonna a Golden Globe), Madonna sings about the pain of being in love with someone who is a great work of art, with the lyrics including “If you were the Mona Lisa, You’d be hanging in the Louvre, Everyone would come to see you, You’d be impossible to move.”

MDNA is, overall, a classic Madonna album.  It’s what we’ve come to expect from her, songs to move to and songs to move you.

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