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Earning the Trust of Advertising Partners.

Proof of Performance. Audits. Quality Control. Campaign Compliance.

All media industry terms pointing towards one important issue: Trust. Without it, there is a fundamental breakdown in the good-faith chain forged between advertisers and the vehicles they use to deliver messaging.

Lack of transparency and reliable reporting can lead to industry-wide declines in market share. We’ve all seen what bots and fraud issues have done to the digital ad industry over the past several years, once thought to be the most trusted and measurable media format in the toolbox. Specifically, a glance towards Twitter and its decline in ad revenue can be attributed directly back to this; some advertisers do not trust the new team headed by Elon Musk.

Out-of-Home has similar issues, admittedly played out on a much smaller stage (after all, Mr. Musk elicits a great deal of press coverage). But all types of media must address this. Advertisers and their agencies must have faith in their partnerships; Is the ad running? Is it viewable? Was it running on time? Is the measurement accurate? Were the key objectives followed?

Here’s how WNDW has earned the trust of our advertising partners for over 30 years, and a few things that differentiate us:


WNDW has developed a proprietary, cloud-based portal that is mobile-enabled for our field staff, reporting back notes, data, and images to WNDW’s headquarters in real-time. Our developers are currently working on a client-facing portal which will afford the same level of verification to our advertising partners.


All preferred WNDW display production is now perforated PSV vinyl. Vinyl is more durable, weatherproof, and adheres perfectly to glass surfaces on the front windows and doors that WNDW utilizes, sidestepping the reflection issues of being behind glass and eliminating tinted window hurdles in sunnier climates.


WNDW Field Marketing Agents are highly trained, experienced, and only install in approved locations with clear instructions on where and where not to post. Venues are revisited to ensure compliance, and to replace damaged or missing displays, when necessary. WNDW also adds and augments display locations to ensure full performance and compliance, reporting back to clients when changes have been made with updated images and location grids.


Best-in-Class reporting currently includes pictures of every display, interactive mapping, full listing of contracted venues with addresses, neighborhood classification, venue type, lat & longs, audited impressions and CPM statistics.

Would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback, or just say hello! Thanks again for reading –

Dean Stallone

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