Getting your message in front of potential customers and keeping it there is one of the most important goals of a successful Advertising campaign (of course, buying the product is #1).  I came across this “Ad for an Ad” the other day when I was out shopping recently and immediately saw the brilliance of such a simple concept. PMD Promotion does not sell advertising space on shopping carts. But lets look at  how this works. You, the shopper, end up staring at whatever Ad is placed there for 30 minutes are so. Scientific research has shown that the longer a person is exposed to an Ad, the more likley there are to “get” the message and act on it. This is called “Impression Time”.

PMD Windowposters work the same way. They are placed in locations where people pass continously, sometimes multiple times in a day. The locations in retail shops like convenience stores, coffee bars and restaurants often reach people as they are waiting online and are otherwise, for a few moments, a captive audience. And people are always playing with their cell phones, so its a great opportunity to use a Mobile Tag to get them to scan your Windowposter. Even if they do it just to entertain themselves.

So if you are looking to reach the grocery shopper, maybe you can give these guys a call. But if you want to get your message in front of thousands of people with a catchy, eye-level advertising poster, with great Impression Time, why don’t you try PMD Windowposters for your next campaign?

Reach out when you can, I would love to chat about ways PMD can increase your advertising effectiveness.


Now THIS is a cool advertisement: a Spider-Man Windowposter™.

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