Situation: HBO wanted to promote the second season of their comedic series Eastbound & Down in San Diego for the annual Comic Con convention.  How better to play an inside joke for fans of the hit comedy show then by advertising the sale of Kenny Powers’ jet ski? The main character was to make an appearance, along with the cast and the jet ski itself, at Comic-Con.


Solution: HBO used PMD to advertise the sale of the jet ski all over the city of San Diego with a strong emphasis on the convention center area Downtown. Windowposters™ were placed everywhere, in hundreds of storefront windows across the city, reaching fans of the show and convention attendees in every part of San Diego.

Results: Patrons of Comic Con were well informed of the sale of the jet ski before its appearance. HBO was thrilled with the exposure and was delighted with a Windowposter Display campaign with and estimated CPM under $1.


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