Cities draw a plethora of music performances. New venues are constantly opening and more and more bands are showcasing their talents. How does a band’s concert tour stand out from the crowd? Windowposters™ can help.

PMD has nationwide coverage, but can focus on cities where the tour is taking place, resulting in a low cost yet high impact campaign. Windowposters™ are placed in store front windows where concert enthusiasts eat, shop, and work. They target high traffic areas and add visual imagery to a musical performance.

Windowposters™ are seen by people of all walks of life. This broadens a band’s fan base and expands their exposure. And now with mobile tagging technology, smart phone users who see a Windowposter™ promoting a concert can “tag it” which gives them options to buy concert tickets, see a tour schedule, watch videos of the tour, buy the band’s album, read band bios, and much more.

Windowposters™ are a vital tool in concert promotion. One of the oldest and most reliable advertising media, coupled with the latest in mobile tagging, they create an interactive viewing experience perfect to get the word out about your performance.

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