Nice piece from the people over at Encore Magazine about traditional movie posters, their production, and their continued importance. This snippet resonates with us at PMD;

Promotional posters may be as old as the moving image itself, but this old marketing and artistic tradition has not lost its relevance. Ahmed Salama, creative director at DLSHS Film says key art is as important as it ever was:

Besides the trailer, the poster is the primary representation a screen project has in the physical world. People think it’s just a poster, but it’s an immensely powerful thing. In some cases it can even add to the entire narrative of a film outside of the cinema.

We here at PMD could not agree more. Posters connect an audience with a film and gives them their first understanding of it. From the moment a person sees a movie poster they have an impression of the film and any future mention of the movie invokes the image. Windowposters™, while not the same as traditional movie posters, have all these benefits plus the convenience of being displayed in thousands of locations where people eat, work, and shop. And now Windowposters can include a Mobile tag which can link smartphone users to the film’s trailer, combining the two major representations of the movie. From an advertising perspective, Windowposters are ideal as they combine the traditional movie posters’ benefits with cutting edge tag technology.

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