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I’m a sucker for old posters, I really am. My private collection of political campaign posters, 70’s psychedelia rock promos, Saul Bass Hitchcock movie adverts, etc is like John Cusak’s vinyl collection out of “High Fidelity”.

But, rather than be an analogue guy stuck in a digital world (I’m 99% sure I stole that line from somwhere), I’ve brought in some amazing new technology to help PMD take a giant step forward in street-level target-marketing.


RedPost is a company I’ve been working with for the past year that brings target-marketing to the digital frontier. Using digital signs, they’re able to help clients of mine reach their audiences in the most efficient way possible. These digital signs are non-intrusive yet highly visible and they can grab a viewers eye in a way a regular paper-poster can’t – sometimes. Chances are, you’ve seen them a couple times already, in coffee shops, storefronts, and movie theaters.

Placement is one thing when it comes to advertising, but timing is another thing altogether. Say I have a location that is statistically proven to be a hotspot for certain demographic groups during the morning and evening work commutes, but also shows to be a perfect location for an entirely different market group during an 11 am-4 pm timeframe. With RedPost’s help, I can literally target BOTH groups, from the same location at the ideal times for each demo. Now that is a brave new world I can get behind.

I may still go home, dust off the cassette player, and dig out some old high-school-era mix-tapes, but forward thinking guys like RedPost have become an invaluable asset to my here-and-now strategies at PMD.

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