Imagine you’re strolling through main street on a relaxing Saturday. You pass your favorite café on the corner, and as you glance at the storefront, you immediately see a Windowposter™ on display. You look down at your phone and spot the same advertisement in the app you’re using. This is now. This is Windowposter™ Display with Digital Integration. Windowposter™ Display has always been the most hyper-focused way to be seen in the cities and neighborhoods you need to be in. Now, we are offering a way to be seen online and on mobile as well, in the same geographic areas, at the same times.

Digital Integration works in two parts. With our Pre-Launch Neighborhood Analysis, and with Geo-fencing:
  • Pre-Launch Neighborhood Analysis: We are able to identify your most responsive neighborhoods through a digital data-mining campaign that will share the same creative as your Windowposter™ Displays.
  • Digital Geo-fencing: We enhance your Windowposter™ Display campaign with demographically-targeted digital banners that appear on a user’s device when they are within close proximity to your Windowposter™ Displays.
     Audience engagement data helps optimize the Windowposter™ placement, and Installation begins in these same cities and neighborhoods, to get the most effective results.

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