Well it was a summer for the record books, or so I’ve been told. Heat and humidity levels were through the roof these past couple months, but it seems that Fall is officially here. I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about the fall weather that makes me feel like I’m going back to school for some reason, a feeling I actually tend to savor.

Things at PMD are busier than ever with new clients, new technology, and new partnerships. We’re having a great time with it, and in appreciation of you, the reader, here’s a list of my picks for October that I thought you all might like.


NYC Opera
2010 season begins October 27th

The New York City Opera kicks off its 2010/11 season on October with “A Quiet Place”, Director Christopher Aiden’s homage to the later work of Leonard Bernstein. Incorporating Bernstain’s much-loved “Trouble In Tahiti”, Aiden puts a modern twist and a darker veil onto the show, creating a piece revolving around the hardships of the modern middle-class in America.

Other shows this season include Where The Wild Things Are, tributes to the works of Leonard Bernstain, John Zorn, and Wicked‘s Stephen Shwartz, as well as Shwartz’s first foray into opera, “Seance On A Wet Afternoon”. A full schedule list can be found here.


New Release: KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit
Released October 5th

British Pop-Rock sensation KT Tunstall has released her 3rd album, Tiger Suit to U.S. audiences. Tunstall, known for her Grammy-winning 2005 single “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” as well as 2007’s chart-topping “Hold On”, has called her new album a step outside her comfort zone, describing the record as “Nature Techno”.

Fall is all about new starts, road trips, and good food with friends, and Tiger Suit is the perfectly eclectic upbeat companion for all three.


New Release: Interpol – Interpol
Released September 7th

Coming off HUGE reviews and acclaim for their first 3 records, NYC indie-rock band Interpol has just released their 4th studio album, the self-titled Interpol.Drawing easy comparisons to post-punk bands like Joy Division and the Chameleons, the snare-driven, dance-grunge guitar sound and signature David Byrne-esque vocals of frontman Paul Banks have never sounded better. Amid small change-ups in the rhythm section of the band, Interpol hits the road this fall touring with their new material. For a record that’ll get you pumped this season, even for Monday morning meetings, Interpol is there for you.


Film: The Fordham Law Film Festival
Friday, October 15th – Thursday, October 21st

Pairing thought-provoking and challenging films with equally though-provoking special guests, the Fordham Law Film Festival kicks off this October with HBO films’ “You Don’t Know Jack”, a film about the Right-To-Die activist Jack Kevorkian, with Mr. Kevorkian himself as the special guest speaker. Other highly-noteworthy special guests throughout the Festival include Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, and very special guest Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor paired alongside “12 Angry Men”. Check out the Festivals website for more info on this not-to-be-missed event.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the crunch of fall leaves. Be sure to have a safe and fun Halloween.


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