What’s the latest in Pine Valley and Llanview? You won’t find out on Network TV.

After a combined 80 plus years on daytime television, All My Children and One Life to Live  have moved to a PC or a smartphone near you. Debuting online yesterday and quickly moving to the top ten downloaded shows for the day, All My Children and One Life to Live are getting a second life.

While both soaps will have many of the original cast members, fans can expect some new faces and will get an edgier plot line, along with guest appearances from popular music artists. The Friday installments of the series will be weekly recap shows, featuring memorable moments, cast interviews and behind the scene secrets.

Daily soaps started on radio, then moved to TV, just in time to ride that wave. As TV became more popular than radio, the daily soaps enjoyed the transition to the new medium.  The move to online streaming is a natural evolution, in light of this history.

While both series will be shown daily in 30 minute installments, viewers have the freedom to watch anytime they want. Both Hulu and iTunes have the reach and technology to help expand the audience of both shows, reaching younger generations as well as long time fans.

Online streaming entertainment has changed the thinking of television viewers. Netflix has had great success with the original series “House of Cards”, all 13 episodes were released at once, giving viewers the freedom to watch when they wanted.  Now, it’s the Daily Soaps’ turn.

It’s no longer daytime television–it’s anytime!


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